Oct 13, 2023

Birthday party ideas for 11 year olds

11 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

They are officially going to be pre-teens! They are fast approaching adulthood, which means they need to have the most awesome birthday yet. Whatever your child loves can be made into an awesome party theme, whether it is learning to be a ninja, creating delicious treats as a master chef, or simply being glamorous. Check out this list of birthday party ideas for any eleven year old boy or girl.

Top Birthday Party Ideas for 11 Year Old Boys

Ninja Bootcamp Birthday Party

Is your boy and all of his friends always full of energy? Let’s burn it off with a ninja boot camp birthday! Start by placing ninja bandanas around their heads as they arrive. Put their skills to the test with various activities like obstacle courses, races, balance challenges, and acrobatics. You can build your own obstacle course or use some unique ideas to turn ordinary backyard playsets into a fun challenge for the kids. You can be creative but a few ideas include making the rock climbing wall and slide a timed challenge for each team.

Water Birthday Party

Do you have a summer birthday or live in an area with warm weather? Then water is a fun way to play and cool down at the same time! Don’t have a pool? No problem! You can have a water balloon fight, a squirt gun fight, a slip-n-slide on the grass using a hose, and a kiddie pool. Provide the guests with white t-shirts, dye some of the water in the balloons or squirt guns with fun colors and let them keep their dyed shirts as a souvenir! Make sure the dyes are non-toxic and safe for the skin and eyes!

Fortnite Birthday Party

Fortnite is all the rage with boys right now and your birthday boy may be a player. Make it a combo birthday party by having a fort night and a Fortnite at the same time. Create a house-wide fort using chairs, pillows, and blankets for the guests to chill in while they play the actual Fortnite video game. Feed them Loot Llama birthday cake, med-kit rice krispie treats, and Chug Jug drinks. Add some outdoor games to balance gaming with outside time!

Master Chef Birthday Pizza Party

Do you have a young chef in your midst? Let them display their culinary genius with the ultimate pizza party! Provide each kid with a pre-made dough ball, sauce, cheese, and a variety of toppings. This way, every kid gets exactly what they want to eat! Be extra cool and have them create dessert pizzas with a cookie dough crust, chocolate syrup, and candy toppings!

Spy Birthday Party

Are you a super spy? Put your 11-year-old and his guests to the test with a super spy challenge! Teach them how to create invisible ink and secret codes, then have them create fun messages for each other to decode. Next, let them try the laser beam challenge where you fill a hallway with streamers or clear tape that they have to navigate through without touching! Having the “mission impossible” music playing on loop is also a nice touch!

Top Birthday Party Ideas for 11 Year Old Girls

Strawberry Soiree Birthday Party

Strawberries are delicious, especially if your girl’s birthday party is in the correct season! Create a strawberry themed party by having strawberry everything! For activities, you can play Strawberry Ice, a game where the guests try to melt an ice cube with a strawberry pre-frozen inside. The first one to eat their strawberry wins! If you are feeling educational, then teach them how to plant strawberry plants. For dessert, make/buy strawberry shortcake popsicles, chocolate covered strawberries, and the obvious strawberry flavored ice cream and cake!

DIY Crafts Birthday Party

Does your girl have a creative flair? Let her celebrate that with her friends with a DIY birthday! Clothes, jewelry, painting, origami, scrapbooking, or whatever your girl’s niche is can be created right at home. All you need is plenty of supplies for everyone, some background music, and tasty snacks! The guests will keep themselves busy creating wonderful art that they can take home as a souvenir.

Glitz and Glam Birthday Party

11-year-olds are getting to the age where make-up and fashion are a part of their daily lives. Set up some activities such as mix-and-match fashion show, blindfold makeovers, bejeweling t-shirts, jewelry making, and mani/pedis! After all their hard work, treat them to healthy snacks and dainty desserts!

Groovy Girl Birthday Party

Flashback to the ‘70s when tie-dye was all the rage! Let the guests be groovy by creating their own tie-dye shirts or bandanas! All you need are white shirts, dyes, rubber bands, gloves, and some creativity. Make sure to watch carefully and help the guests create their t-shirt souvenirs. Keep them moving with some ‘70s dance moves like the YMCA, the Hustle, and the Chicken Dance!

Cupcake Challenge Birthday Party

Let your 11-year-old be the master pastry chef on her birthday! Depending on the size of your party, you can either pre-bake the cupcakes or have the guests create the batter themselves. Set out of a bunch of white icing and let them use food coloring to dye it to the color of their choice. Next, let them decorate it with candies. Finally, let them taste their delicacies!

More Birthday Party Themes for 11 Year Olds

Sleepover Birthday Party

No real sleeping actually happens at sleepovers, and that is half the fun! Have the guests arrive in the evening for pizza and dessert! Fill the night with games, movies, manicures, pictures, and anything else that tickles their fancy!

Around the World Birthday Party

Pick a country from somewhere in the world and create a whole party around it! Use maps for decorations and include that country’s traditional food to feed the party! Teach them a dance or sport from that country as a fun activity!

Inflatable Soccer Birthday Party

If you have space and some spare cash lying around, then you can rent inflatable giant soccer balls for the day. Place the kids inside of the ball and let them go. They will be falling, laughing, and rolling around more than actually playing soccer, but it will be fun to watch!

Seasonal Themed Birthday Party

Does your child’s birthday fall right next to a holiday and they absolutely love it? Turn their 11th birthday into a holiday/birthday combo! It doesn’t matter if it is Independence Day, Halloween, Christmas, or something else! Combine elements of the holiday and their birthday to create a lovely party for all!

Game Night Birthday Party

Board games and video games are a fantastic party activity that you can center the whole theme around! Take the pieces of your child’s favorite board game to create wacky decorations or to make video game controller desserts!

Surprise Birthday Party

SURPRISE! It is your 11-year-old’s birthday! Make it a surprise that they will never forget! Enlist siblings and best friends to brainstorm ideas and create a guest list! You may need to hold it before their real birthday to keep it a secret, but there are many options for what you can do like an at home event or a secret birthday venue!

Birthday Party Games for 11 Year Olds

Balloon Stomp

Tie a balloon to the ankle of your guests, turn on some fun music, and then let them stomp at the balloons until they pop! Record the event for your own memories and to send off to other parents for a good laugh.

Pool Noodle Races

Pool noodle races are a hilarious event to burn off some energy. Place the noodle between their legs, around their ankles, or in their hands and have them walk, crawl, lunge, or whatever else you can think of across the backyard in the silliest of races!

Wear That

Split your party into teams for a Wear That race! Each team is given a bag of clothing; this can mean hats, skirts, pants, bikinis, or whatever clothing you don’t mind getting a little abused. Ready, set, go! Each team must choose one member to be the model, and the other members of the team must help to get the model in all the clothes…at the same time! The first team to get their model completely dressed up wins!


Don’t have room for a full-on game of soccer, basketball, baseball, etc? No problem! Do a mini version by shrinking the size of the field or shortening the tasks of the game! Make sure everyone gets ample playing time and has lots of fun!

Water Balloon Fight

If it is expected to be a hot day, then a water balloon fight is a great way to get some exercise and cool down. Pre-fill a few hundred balloons with icy cold water and place them in buckets around the lawn or in the center of the backyard. Place the guests into two teams or have it be a free-for-all!